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Perfect Polish Applicator

Maximum comfort and control for even coverage of polishes and dressings

The specially designed point and straight edges of the Perfect Polish Applicator allow for precise application of polishes and dressings to avoid product spreading onto unwanted areas.

Suitable for use with Super Resin Polish, Ultra Deep Shine, Bumper and Trim Gel, Car Glass Polish, Leather Care Balm and Instant Tyre Dressing.

How to use this product

  1. Apply a small amount of product in a thin line down the centre of the Autoglym Perfect Polish Applicator.
  2. Fold the applicator in half to ensure even spread of the product.
  3. Apply product as instructed on the product label.
  4. After use wash in clean, warm water and allow to air dry.

Important: Do not leave in direct sunlight.


Q: What products can be used with the Perfect Polish Applicator?
A: Super Resin Polish, Ultra Deep Shine, Bumper and Trim Gel , Car Glass Polish, Leather Care Balm, Instant Tyre Dressing can be used with the Perfect Polish Applicator.                       

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